Staša Milojević: The Changing Landscape of Knowledge Production

Dramatic changes in knowledge production, exempli- fied by increased pressures on productivity, interdisciplinarity, and a shift toward „team science,” are well documented, but their impact on the dynamics of an individual‘s scientific career and on the overall pace of science are not sufficiently understood. In this talk I will address the following questions:

  • How did the intellectual domain of science grow over the last century?
  • How interdisciplinary is today’s science?
  • Does interdisciplinarity increase impact?
  • How small and large teams contribute to the expansion of the frontiers of science and how interdisciplinary are they?
  • What effect on scientific workforce do contemporary research practices have?
  • Are there tensions and mismatches between the scientific productions system and the scientific career system in terms of rewards, incentives, and career paths?

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Staša Milojević

Associate Professor, Department of Informatics, Indiana University, Bloomington

Staša Milojević is an Associate Professor of Informatics in the Center for Complex Network and Systems Research in the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at Indiana University, Bloomington. Her work covers a range of topics within the “science of science.” She is particularly interested in understanding how dramatic changes in knowledge production, exemplified by a shift towards “team science”, interdisciplinarity, and increased pressures on productivity impact the dynamics of scientific workforce and on the overall pace of science.

Her work has been published in PNAS, Scientific Reports, and Physical Review Letters. She serves on the editorial boards of Scientometrics, BioScience, and Journal of Altmetrics. She is an Associate Editor for the Quantitative Science Studies and Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics. She received a PhD in Information Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles.