The Open Research Lifecycle (Video)

The Center for Open Science produced a 5-minute primer on how open science can accelerate discovery and the COS services for communities to improve the rigor & transparency of their research culture.

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2020 Metascience Funders Forum

In July 2020, the Center for Open Science hosted a virtual forum for funders of meta interested in metascience—the science of science: investigating how the research process works and how to improve research practices to accelerate discovery.

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Looking at Psychology Through the Lens of Metascience

APS President Lisa Feldman Barrett offers some suggestions for metascience investigations, including a look at the incentive structures that influence researchers’ behavior. (Oberserver | Volume 32, Issue 9 | November, 2019)

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Metascience – The Field of Research on the Scientific Process

Metascience is the field of research on the scientific process. This includes the history and philosophy of science. What is science? What is science as a process? What practices and principles govern scientific exploration? The field of metascience – in all its interdisciplinary dimensions – is rapidly emerging as a new discipline itself. The recent Metascience 2019 Symposium has served as a formative meeting for metascience, or the “science of science”. The interdisciplinary dimensions that underpin metascience reveal themselves in a wide spectrum of meta-research topics, ranging from very practical concerns to deeply foundational questions. At the practical level, the so-called ‘reproducibility crisis’ has drawn attention to the every-day operations of laboratory science and how these can go wrong and can be improved. At the foundational level, long-standing questions in the metaphysics of science remain unresolved such as how scientific truth and scientific objectivity can be possible. Increasingly, multiple approaches from various disciplines contribute to accelerating the emergence of metascience as a fully integrated field of research in the 21st century.


Metascience 2019 Symposium

Metascience 2019 Symposium
(Stanford University | September 5th-8th, 2019) This symposium served as a formative meeting for metascience as a discipline.

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