New Research Protocol: Metascience Research Reform Movement

"How to reveal uncontrolled false-positives in scientific experiments?" - A novel research protocol has been published for improving the scientific process towards more robust findings: The Advanced Meta-Experimental Protocol (AMP).

As a first test case, the AMP was implemented to study this controversial claim: Observer consciousness collapses the quantum wave function in a double-slit experiment. For explanation, one potential mechanism for mind-matter interaction is based on quantum mechanics, in particular the proposal that observer consciousness collapses the wave function. For sure, the implications for science and for our image of reality would be revolutionary, if a quantum-observer effect could be demonstrated under controlled laboratory conditions. Indeed, a new branch of science would be opened up as a result.

Previously, in a series of studies, Radin and collaborators have claimed laboratory evidence for the intentional action of observer consciousness on laser light-interference intensity in a double-slit apparatus. To rigorously test the validity of this claim, the novel research protocol (AMP), which includes systematic sham-experiments, i.e., counterfactual meta-experimentation, was adopted in a confirmatory replication attempt of the Radin double-slit experiment. Whereas the replication study was unable to confirm the original results, the AMP identified a statistically-significant false-positive effect with the sham-experiment in the absence of the test subjects.

Original Research Article: Front. Psychol., 22 August 2019 | https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2019.01891