Metascience – The Science of Doing Science

Scientists from a range of disciplines are coming together to take a good look at themselves. APS Fellow Jonathan Schooler outlines how psychological science can enrich our understanding of the ways science — and scientists — work. (Oberserver | Volume 32, Issue 9 | November, 2019)

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New Research Protocol: Metascience Research Reform Movement

"How to reveal uncontrolled false-positives in scientific experiments?" - A novel research protocol has been published for improving the scientific process towards more robust findings: The Advanced Meta-Experimental Protocol (AMP).

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A manifesto for reproducible science

Improving the reliability and efficiency of scientific research will increase the credibility of the published scientific literature and accelerate discovery. Here we argue for the adoption of measures to optimize key elements of the scientific process: methods, reporting and dissemination, reproducibility, evaluation and incentives.

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